Help Build homes serving limited-income families here in Orange county and see how your time is changing lives in your own community. We have an urgent need for volunteers. Build days: Wednesday through Saturday. No experience necessary

Habitat for Humanity of Orange County


Discover the joy of volunteering and help build homes in Orange County for limited-income hardworking families. Habitat for Humanity of Orange County is currently building 20 homes and has an URGENT need for volunteers. We are also helping Veterans with home repairs.

Individuals and groups welcome.
Build Days (No experience necessary) - Wednesday through Saturday, 7:30am to 3:30pm
Locations: Cypress, La Habra and Santa Ana

To sign up: visit www.habitatoc.org/volunteer or contact: volunteer@habitatoc.org
714-434-6200 Ext. 234

How to contact us

Phone: 714-434-6200 Ext. 234
Email: volunteer@habitatoc.org
Website: www.habitatoc.org

About the Organization

At Habitat for Humanity of Orange County, we build. We build because we believe that everyone, everywhere, should have a healthy, affordable place to call home. More than building homes, we build communities, we build hope and we build the opportunity for limited-income families to help themselves here in Orange County. When you volunteer you are making, difference in helping hardworking limited income families in Orange County. With an affordable, stable home, families have more to spend on food, medicine, child care, education and other essentials. Your support can help us do more in all the many ways that Habitat OC builds. Thank you for helping us create a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Volunteers 16 and up needed to help build homes Wed thru Saturday. Locations: Santa Ana, Cypress, La Habra. You can also volunteer at our Habitat ReStores (retail setting) 7 days a week in Santa Ana or Anaheim.

2200 Ritchey
Santa Ana , CA 92705

Phone: 714-434-6200 Ext. 234