General Internship- College Student

Aliso Niguel Community Foundation


To assist with development of contacts, data base management, marketing and program development for the Aliso Niguel Business Council (ANBC) and/or Aliso Niguel Community Foundation (ANCF).

How to contact us

Phone: (949) 285-7852

About the Organization

Aliso Niguel Community Foundation – a local helping hand. ANCF was founded in 2012 to assist local community organizations and school associations achieve their financial goals. We work with existing organizations to support their efforts by providing free services to the organization, such as electronic fund raising, ideas, volunteers for event management, transparency and reporting to the community participants and supporters. The Foundation is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Corporation, run by a Board of Directors that reviews direct funding, sponsorships, and event opportunities for local programs. Organizations can apply for sponsorship and request how the Foundation can support their efforts. The Foundation will also bring a new opportunity to local businesses who want to support their community programs through the iScrip merchant donation program.

120 Vantis Suite 300
Aliso Viejo , CA 92656

Phone: (949) 285-7852!/AlisoNiguelCF?fref=ts