Dog Walkers & Cat Care Volunteers

Mission Viejo Animal Services Center


The main function of volunteers at the Animal Services Center is to socialize, exercise, and care for the animals housed at our facility.

The purpose of our volunteer program is to expand services within the community without a major fiscal impact to the City. The primary concern is for the health and comfort of all animals at the Animal Services Center. Volunteers assist with dog walking, cat care, and rabbit care. Volunteers help with exercising, socializing, cleaning cages and kennels, showing animals to prospective adopters, providing background information on animals, cleaning up after animals in the play yards, providing information to staff, and representing the shelter positively to the public. Job descriptions are available for each volunteer position.

The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center is accepting applications for volunteers to assist with essential volunteer duties at the center. While volunteering at the center can be very rewarding, the job can be very physically demanding. The following is a brief description of the requirements and duties for volunteering

Must be at least 18 years of age or older.
Complete and submit a volunteer application, attend an orientation session, and attend a training session before volunteering.
Obtain a tetanus shot or provide proof of a shot within 30 days.
Volunteer a one 3 hour shift per week on a specified day and time.
Provide a one year commitment to the program.
Dog walker volunteers must be physically able to walk an untrained (pulling on the leash) 80 pound dog. The shelter has a very few small dogs and the majority of the dogs have not had any training.
Cat care volunteers must be physically able to handle a cat that can weigh up to 20 pounds.
Volunteers must be willing to assist with cleaning cages, changing litter pans, cleaning up after animals, laundry, socializing the animals and assisting the public.

How to contact us

Phone: 949-470-3045
Website: cmvas.org

About the Organization

The Mission Viejo Animal Services Center services the cities of Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel and Aliso Viejo. We are a pro-humane facility where animals are cared for until they are reunited with their owners or until they can be placed in a new permanent home. Animals brought to the Animal Services Center are kept available for adoption as long as they are not a threat to human safety and do not have major medical problems that cannot be satisfactorily resolved. In addition to adopting out stray animals, we also serve as animal control. We are responsible for rabies control, animal licensing, impoundment of stray animals, quarantine of animals involved in bites and attacks of humans, patrolling of public streets and public health protection against contagious and infectious animal diseases. We also offer various community outreach programs that provide education on humane animal care, wildlife concerns and shelter operations.

28095 Hillcrest
Mission Viejo , CA 92692

Phone: 949-470-3045